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Starting a new piece of work can be challenging, and what could be more challenging than thinking how to start writing a dissertation. It can be difficult if you are stuck for inspiration, but by trying out these dissertation title ideas you may find that finding example of different dissertation titles may be the creative inspiration that you need.
If you are looking for suggestions that you do not have to pay for, then your tutor may be the first choice for ideas. The ideas they have have could be based on their own personal academic preferences or they could be titles that have been used over and over again and rehashed a few times so as they don't seem too dated. So you may need an alternative source.

Look online:

  • Start by deciding on the key words that you will be using in your search. Basically you need some reference to the level of work that you are doing, your field of study and your area of interest.
  • Make sure that you add 'free' as one of your key words. Some lists may need a nominal fee, especially if they have an outline attached to each title.
  • The results of your search will give you extensive lists. You may have so many titles on each of the lists that you can get a bit swamped.
  • At this point the easiest way to find your way around these lists id by down loading them then just highlight and delete the titles that you have no interest in.
  • Additionally you may be inspired by some of the titles, so make notes as you work through the list. Eventually you will end up a a few possibles, so take the time to envisage working on those titles.

It is important to spend time looking for a title that suits your needs, it does not matter if it does not fit your interest exactly, you can always fine tune it to suit. Once you have a title, you can use it as a hook for your dissertation.

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