Astonishing tips for finding student dissertation examples

Perhaps one of the best ways of tackling your dissertation is by looking at examples of work produced by other students. This not only helps you focus on your own work but it can also help you to develop a critical eye on the quality of your own work and give you ideas of how to start writing a dissertation.
Your professor may be able to help you, by providing a few examples of work produced by past students. But the selection may be limited so you may need to look further afield. There are several good websites that can provide you with examples, you just need to know how to find them.

  • Criteria for examples:
    The other important aspect of looking at other people's work is that it should be related to your own field of study (ideally, with topic themes that are of interest to you) and they should be free. Some web sites may ask you to give them your email details (this is make sure that you are real person and not another writing company trying to steal their examples). But if they ask for your card or bank details then they are definitely not free).
    Remember that you will need some specific examples, so choose your keywords carefully and make sure that you use an academic search engine. By using an academic search engine you will be able to access both academic writing services and websites that can provide useful hints and tips, for writing different sections of your paper. You may find that you are swamped with ideas so learn to discriminate.
  • Quality of examples:
    Ideally you need to look at a variety of examples. The suggestion here is that you aim for finding an examples of a paper that is deemed to be average; another that may be considered to be poor quality and one that is considered to be exceptional. Idealistically the dissertation examples that you find should be annotated, that you know what pitfalls to avoid and what you as a writer need to work on.
  • Examples through tutorials:
    Looking for examples does not just have to be about reading other peoples work. Try searching for worked examples that are done through an online tutorial of through an online video. The best thing about this type of example is that you can follow easy-step tutorials whenever you want and focus on one particular aspect. This is really great of you lack confidence.
    There is a vast amount of information that you can amass through online searches and it is very easy to spend a lot of time looking at relevant examples but at the same time it is easy to get diverted and lose track of time, so make sure that your search stays on track.

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