Top 5 Online Tools To Help You Complete Your Thesis

You have decided to write your thesis without the help of thesis writing assistance from professional dissertation writers. It is a natural and bold decision. However there are some writing tools which can help you to produce a superior quality paper. They are available online and can be your effective and free thesis helper. Here is an overview of the basic five types of tools you will find useful.

  1. Productivity tools
  2. These help you to organize your ideas and thoughts. They are especially useful while researching the topic.

    • Advanced software features an effective mapping tool which can help you not only to note your ideas but also to organize and connect them to create a structure.
    • Use a scheduler or an advanced calendar to make a detailed time line for the entire thesis. This will enable you to look at the task in its entirety and micromanage it.
    • Vocabulary builders equip you to write a quality paper easily. Free thesauruses on the web provide you with suitable alternatives and choices.
  3. Formatting tools
  4. Your thesis is an academic paper. It has to be written in a specific format and style, like APA, MLA or CMS. Your Institution will specify the format and other stipulations like word count of your paper.

    • Various formatting software available on the net ensures that what you write adheres to the specific formatting style. This will help you to concentrate more on the content of your paper.
    • Good formatting software also organizes the citations. This saves a lot of time while preparing the bibliography.
    • Often they feature a reference management system to help you search and organize resources and quotations.
  5. Plagiarism checkers
  6. Plagiarism is a serious offense in academic writing. As many of your resources and sources might be from the net it is important that you check their authenticity. Several free plagiarism checkers are available online i.e your work is checked online when you upload it.

    The professional guarantee against plagiarism offered by a thesis writer might not be enough to take away your worries about the originality of the paper. With a plagiarism checker you can be assured of the fact.

  7. Writing tools
  8. Your word processor must be equipped to handle the basic writing task of typing and page-setting, it will be helpful if your word processor also has

    • Speech recognition feature – this often comes in handy when you are tired to type or you have to type long passages. You can also use this feature to search for resources online.
    • Portability feature – it would help if your word processor is compatible across devices. You can write in different situations, locations and devices instead of only on your desktop. This is required if you need field research. These software also allow you to uplink your work and save it in a cloud, so that you can resume work on it later.
  9. Editing tools
  10. Most word processing software feature in built basic editing tools. While these are adequate for checking common spelling and typographical errors, they often are not suitable for advanced grammar and language corrections. Specialized editing software enhances the quality of the paper.

    • They correct grammatical errors, punctuations, sentence formations and tenses.
    • They improve the readability by pointing out repetitions, complex sentences and use of passive voice. They also make your paper SEO friendly.

Getting all these features in single software might not be possible and you have to invest in a few of them. But they will provide a solid help with thesis writing and can be cheaper than the fees of a thesis service.

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