How To Complete A Science Thesis In Only One Week

Writing a thesis is a complicated task and completing it within a week might seem overwhelming. But this situation is not very uncommon especially while writing a science or an MBA thesis. Students often seek the services of thesis writing service or individual thesis writers in this situation. Irrespective of whether you are seeking professional help or writing the paper yourself, here are certain tips to help you get the best possible thesis.

Stay focused

Panicking will make the situation more chaotic so it is important that you stay calm.

  • If you are not given a topic then select one based on your interest and knowledge. Think of a topic which is -
    1. Topical and relevant to your readers
    2. Researchable, as your time is limited. There should be enough resources on the topic.
    3. Approved by your faculty.
  • If you are intent on getting thesis writing help, then start searching for the right service. Ask your friends and peer but also go through the customer feedbacks and testimonials. Talk to the customer service and find out if they have written on your topic/subject before.

Plan your week

Create a schedule for the week. Think of all the major tasks to complete and highlight them according to priority in the schedule. You will have to multi-task and having a definite schedule or routine will help you do it.

  • Plan your research time and set a deadline to it.
  • Sort out all the possible places where you will find the resources and start accessing them.
  • Plan regular time for writing and editing.
  • Schedule a regular sleep and relaxation time.

Plan your thesis

  • Get all your data, references and notes arranged in an accessible manner.
  • Create an outline of your thesis, marking the main chapters and the subheadings. This will help you to –
    1. Write your paper properly and logically.
    2. Guide and instruct the writer who will write the paper if you are hiring a thesis paper writing service. It is important that you choose a service who will allow you to communicate with the writer throughout. It will help to incorporate your ideas and visions in the paper in a greater detail.

Start writing the paper

Your thesis should reflect the work and thoughts you have put in your research and at the same time appeal to the readers.

  • Start your thesis with a ‘hook’. Use a shocking fact or statistics, dialogue or a quotation to grab the attention of your readers.
  • Use short sentences, expressing one idea at a time.
  • Use active voice or verb for a more natural feel.
  • Stick to your thesis statement throughout. The paper should feel cohesive.
  • Present your data and research findings in detail. Whenever applicable use statistical or other illustrative tools to elaborate your point.
  • Write the abstract and the introduction at the end. This will ensure better communication.
  • Stress on your conclusion. Many readers skip to the conclusion and read the whole paper if they find it interesting.

Edit your paper

You should edit as you write. This is important for the quality of the paper.

  • Stick to the writing format required by your institute right from the start. Make sure that your thesis help is familiar with the format and follows it.
  • Use proper software for correcting spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. Some of them also improve the readability of your paper.
  • If you are seeking help from professional dissertation writers, make sure that they provide an editorial service.

Your time is limited so it will be prudent to make the most of it. Proper planning and adhering to that plan is the key to complete a quality thesis within a week.

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