Amazing Topic Ideas For A College Thesis In Literature

Literature has existed since the formation of human language. It exists worldwide – in all the languages spoken by man. There have been numerous papers written on various aspect of literature. The most important part of your thesis on literature will be the topic and approach. From ancient to modern, from classic to the bizarre and covering all languages worldwide - your range is vast and endless. But you have to choose wisely to make an impact on your readers. You can choose to write the thesis yourself or commission the thesis to one of the many thesis writing services on the net. Most of the online dissertation services and phd thesis help might not be able to help you with a thesis topic. So here are certain tips to help you select an interesting topic.

  • Think about all the subjects that has interested you and find the literary works on them.
  • You can also base you topic on the authors or books or themes which interests you.
  • Choose a topic that you know well. This will generate interest for you to write as well as find new facts and information on the topic.
  • The topic should be original and unique. Go through all the published materials and make your notes. Brainstorm and refine your notions and interests to form an original topic.
  • In case you think you have an uncommon topic – think of an interesting approach or a point of view to it. This also goes for common sounding topics. You can also add a twist to an existing work and present it.
  • Your topic should also appeal to academicians and other researchers. It should have enough substance to build a thesis or should show a promise for further work.
  • As literature deals with a lot of controversies, you can base you topics on them.
  • You can note down the missing or gaps in information about a literary work or an author or a genre and make that your topic.
  • Make sure that your topic is relevant or topical. Don’t just select an obscure sounding topic to be unique and different.
  • Your thesis statement on literature should have something to say. Avoid presenting it as a close ended question or with definite answers.
  • All the topics and thesis statement you think of requires the approval of your faculty. Consult your guide and stick to the institution guidelines.

15 imaginative and best dissertation ideas for a thesis on literature

  1. Depiction of death in world literature.
  2. Effects of war on literature – the common thread how writers have depicted war.
  3. How has local culture affected literature across the globe?
  4. Situation where literature has affected and changed the local culture or customs of a place.
  5. A comparison of depiction of sexuality in the ancient, medieval and modern literature
  6. Portrayal of Homosexuality and bisexuality in world literature.
  7. A comparison of the picture of a hero through the ages.
  8. An account of English literature – a history of works by non English writers
  9. Religion, oppression and literature.
  10. Literature in exile – common traits around the world.
  11. A detailed examination of the literature of revolution.
  12. A history of black humor in literature.
  13. Comparison between the earliest and present day literature for children.
  14. A detailed account of politically motivated literary works.
  15. Is it possible to classify article and blogs on the web as literature?

Your topic and approach can make or break your paper. Many thesis maker online promotes their expertise in creating interesting topics but it is better that you select yours with the help of your faculty. If you select and research your topic then you can design the paper accordingly and dictate the thesis writer you commission.

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